Experts in Horizontal Directional Drilling

Experts in trenchless construction, a safe and efficient way to install underground utilities without conventional open trenching.

North Country

Directional Drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Trenchless, long-distance construction is an ideal solution for many projects.

Commitment to Safety

Understand how we prioritize safety in our projects.

Industry Experience

New company, filled with seasoned professionals

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Who We Are

North Country Directional Drilling (NCDD) is a Minnesota-based company that has been in business since December of 2022, but the team brings an experience level in the HDD industry alone of 80+ years. We’re a very family-oriented and pro-employee company. We are a new name, but are proudly bringing back some of the best of the old ways of doing business. Our word is our bond, our price is our price. We work safely, efficiently, and deliver on-time. We take care of our customers, our employees, and our equipment.  

We have drilled in nearly all 50 states, including out of the country, installing pipe diameters from cables up to 56” pipeline and well over 50 miles of 42” pipeline throughout the years. The four owners started this company knowing exactly what was needed in the industry and jumped on the opportunity to build the fleet and the staff to deliver it.

We drill with experience, commitment, and integrity. We are proud to be able to say that every new customer relationship has resulted in repeated business.

Years of Experience

Miles installed in less than a year

Horizontal Drilling

  • Mission critical services for the midstream pipeline construction and utility industries
  • Ability to drill under wetlands, streams, rivers, and archaeological sites
  • Used when trenching is not an option (highways, congested areas, utility conflicts)
  • Solve landowner disputes for use of ground surface (i.e., agriculture)

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Let’s Build Something Together

NCDD is keenly focused on the needs of our customers – when you choose us, you truly choose one of the best in the business.

Superior Safety & Service
  • Safety is ALWAYS number one
  • Direct interaction with company owners at every step of the project, from project development to completion.
  • High-level of communication to ensure coordination and control
Industry-leading Experience
  • Experience to foresee and overcome challenges on difficult crossings and/or challenges on any crossing
  • Commitment and fortitude to see projects through to the end, no matter the challenges faced
  • We are proud to say that we have never walked away from a difficult crossing
Best-in-class Crew & Equipment
  • Access to rigs and crews to complete any project successfully and meet the strictest of deadlines
  • Top of the line equipment and customized rigs/tooling